This site is a brief guide to what David and Linda French are up to ...

Trying to get in touch with Linda or David?

We are moving around and may be hard to contact even in these days of ultrafast broadband. Please be patient with us and we will get back to you. We have sold our house in Plimmerton so it is best to call before trying to send snail mail.

The current plan is to be somewhere in New Zealand until April 2016 getting used to our new home, Cambiando. Cellphone contact with Linda and David will work with our usual NZ numbers but we may out of range or managing the ship. Leave a message here or text and we will get back to you! Our email addresses are unchanged or you can use the contact form on this site to send us a message.

We are equipped with Satellite, VHF, SSB and AIS for offshore radio communications.

The map and schedule below are just a guide. We are subject to wind, tide and whim. Sage advice from an international visitor at Opua was that you can arrange to meet a voyager on a certain day OR you can arrange to meet them at a certain place, but not both!

We do occasionally post pictures and location updates to Google+ .... ask to be added to my 'boat' circle 

Looking for Karen?

She is in London with the Alke Quartet.

Waikare Inlet

Mooring at Opua June 2016

If we are cruising offshore, you may track our progress here


Moving onboard Cambiando July 2015 Done!
Heading to Wellington  November/December 2015 Done! Had a long trip done east coast and a pleasant stay at Seaview Marina
Heading back to Opua due 12 Feb 2016 Done! Much easier non-stop voyage to anchor in Waikare inlet
Moving to Russell mooring 20th February Done!
Cruising BoI March - May 2016 Done!
Target New Caledonia July 2016 (with side trip to London!) Postponed! Offshore in 2017 new target
In London for July 2016
Winter 2016 in Opua
Scheduled to leave for New Caledonia in MAY 2017