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We have a DSC equipped fixed station and a hand-held unit. We will generally maintain a listening watch (Ch 16) when at sea. 
    Call sign: ZMG3070
    MMSI: 512004834

We have a DSC equipped fixed station. We will generally maintain a DSC listening watch when on offshore passages. 
    Call sign: ZMG3070
    MMSI: 512004834
We are not Ham operators.
The SSB transceiver has a Pactor modem which allows very limited text-only emails but we are not planning to use this.

We have a class B transponder mainly to alert nearby shipping to our presence but anyone with an AIS receiver within VHF range of us will be able to see who and where we are and what direction and speed we are heading.
We see others as icons on our chart like this... 
Inline image 1 
In some places, this information is made available on internet sites like vesselfinder.com
    MMSI: 512004834

We have a YB3 satellite tracker on board which uses the Iridium satellite service for position reporting and sending and receiving short messages. We plan to submit position reports every 12 hours when we are cruising but as with everything technical and electronic absence of a position update is not a cause for worry.  You can see our position reports on a map (follow this link  https://my.yb.tl/Cambiando ).
If we send you a message as an SMS, it will look like this:

YB 3: All fine (35' 18.630 S 174' 07.976 E at 17:58 UTC)
EMAIL messages will be similar.

This system can be used to contact us (if you are on our select list of contacts!). Otherwise urgent messages can be passed through Chris. Note that it may take 12hrs before the message is delivered and then we have to notice it so do not expect a rapid turn round. Send short text only (we pay for every character!) emails to our boatname at  my.yb.tl

Social Media
We are not great fans of Facebook but we may put out some progress reports on Twitter @DavidFrench6
because the YB3 provides the channel at the popular price.